AvoChato Raises $5M In Series A Funding

Avochato, a San Francisco, CA-based business communications software company has now secured $5 Million in the funding round of Series A. This round of funding has made the total funding to date to $6 Million was led by the Amity Ventures with collaboration from the existing investors XSeed Capital, Michael Stoppelman, and Jonathan Swason. As a part of funding round investment, CJ Remin, the Managing Partner at the Amity Ventures will now be going to join as the Avochato Board of Director.

The company will now be going to use the funds to scale up its business and add some of the new features. The startup which is launched in 2017 by the Alex De Simone and Christopher Neale. Avochato provides up with a mobile messaging platform for custom relationship management, for enterprise companies to deliver communication experiences across the support, sales and operations teams.

With the platform, businesses can now improve their agent's response time beyond what is much achievable with the phone calls or emails and provide up with a superior customer experience which in respect also increases up against the sales and engagement conversions. Avochato integrates with thousands of platform with the Zapier and features some of the custom integrations with Microsoft Office, Slack, and Salesforce.

“Our priority is to help businesses embrace the shift to messaging as a primary form of communication,” said Alex De Simone, Avochato’s CEO and Co-founder. “We’re excited for this next phase of growth as we continue to provide the best technology for businesses to succeed in the transition.”

With Avochato, businesses can accelerate revenue growth and improve agents’ response times beyond what’s achievable via phone calls or email. Avochato’s solution allows businesses to provide a superior customer experience, which increases engagement and, in turn, sales conversions.

“Engaging consumers via text and messaging applications drives both faster and higher quality resolutions to customer inquiries,” said CJ Reim, Managing Partner at Amity Ventures. “We are excited to partner with the Avochato team as they build the next generation of business communication tools.” As part of the investment, Reim will join Avochato’s board.

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