Hire New People For Your Organizations Via Avionte

Avionte An Introduction

Avionte is an end to end staffing and recruiting tool that streamlines the daily operations of agencies and companies from the front to the back office. It even automated the various stages of the workflow such as the accounts management, reporting, payroll management and more. It also ensures the smooth flow of information between the teams because as it stores the data in a centralized system, thus contributing to the productivity of your office.

Let us look at some of the features of Avionte:

Efficient & Rapid Recruitment

Avionte has a module which is designed specifically for the recruiters to empower them to find and contact the capabilities. It is backed by the advanced Boolean capability that is complemented by the rapid resume parsing. Moreover, they can even discover future employees who have the skills and qualities which is required for the open roles in a much more rapid manner. Apart from that, the solution also has the functionality of a one-click that makes it much easier and faster to commerce communications or to log exchanges with some of the potential talents.

Improved Candidate Application

The candidate experience is as essential as the proper workflow streamlined recruiter. That is why Avionte provides with a flexible and multi-application workflow. With it, you can even get much more information about the applicants as possible. There is also an option to even tailor your forms and questionnaire for some of the specific roles. And most importantly, the candidate can have the same sort of the intuitive application experience on their smartphone as well as on the system.

Branded Job Board

When you simply sign up for the Avionte, you can also get a job module where you can manage open positions with the feasibility. It is a much more customizable, to suit up the brand and you even have the option to create different boards depending on the type of audiences you have. You can even do this from a single interface where you can also distribute information to the social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Automated Back Office

Account receivable, time capture management, billing, payroll and more are some of the automation with the Avionte. The platform even collaborates this process to ensure that every staff member has access to the up to date information they need. Because of this, there is also an option to reduce the time spent on some of the redundant tasks most especially so that you can fulfill the needs of your clients resourcefully.

To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features to be used as a staffing and recruiting tool. This tool provides a fully integrated staffing software solution to the staffing and recruiting industry.

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