AutoRaptor | A Complete Automotive CRM Tool To Interact With Customers

AutoRaptor An Introduction

AutoRaptor is a CRM and ILM purpose-built for the automotive businesses that empower them to keep close communications with customers. It automates texts and emails to clients so that you do not have to worry about keeping them in the loop manually. On top of that, you can even utilize the communication features to send targeted campaigns to increase the possibility of converting new and old leads alike.

AutoRaptor, allows your sales team to focus on customers more. That is because the application is capable of scanning licenses and VIN’s from smartphones. This reduces buyer waiting times and puts a deal together smartly and quickly too.

Let us look at some of the features of AutoRaptor:

Powerful Communications

Keeping in touch with the existing and potential customers is a key to conversion and to building loyalty to your brand. That is why AutoRaptor has a powerful suite of communication tools. With these, you can engage your leads easily, especially through text messaging. The solution even has email communications included to assists you in delivering messages efficiently to qualified clients. As a result, you can keep your brand on top of their minds even when you are away from the computer.

Single-interface Lead Management

AutoRaptor has a searchable database that even makes it easy for you to find deals. This feature also supports the filtering of data with different categories and characteristics. As such, you only draw results that are most relevant to you. On top of that, the system has a round robin feature that automatically assigns new leads to representatives. Not only is this efficient, but this also provides everyone with an opportunity to win the new client as well.

Accountable Sales Team

Each communication with the customers is recorded in the AutoRaptor system. Because of this, representatives can be consistent in their follow up texts, calls or emails. More than that, this keeps them accountable as managers can monitor their activities and learn who among the team is the most productive.

To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features to be used as a automotive CRM tool. It has also been helping dealers leverage the proven sales process and turn more leads into sales with our simple, intuitive, and powerful CRM software.