Now Make Your ID Verified Via Blockchain Based Technology, Authenteq

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Are you looking for an identity verification tool for yourself? If yes, then you are at right place. Authenteq helps you to automatically verify your identity with the help of blockchain technology and also helps you to keep it safe so that no information will be revealed.

Authenteq An Introduction

Authenteq is automatic identity verification and privacy platform which enables the users to verify their identity and create their own sovereign digital ID’s which are even sorted encrypted in a blockchain. Any of the personal user information is user controlled and owned and not accessible by anyone, including the company as well.

With the help of an Authenteq ID, users can choose to verify their identity or parts of their identity to the third parties with the support of claim verification API. Authenteq benefits almost all type of online service no matter whether it is an online marketplace, token sales, online betting, finance service or Initial Coin Offering. Authenteq also raises $5 Million in the funding round of Series A recently.

Let's have a look at some of the features of Authenteq:

One-time signup and Document fraud detection

No repeat signup required. One-time verification with the help of SDK or mobile app. More than 1 billion identities can be instantly verified in an accurate and secure way.

Passive Liveness detection

It also makes sure that only live human beings are signing up, without even need to actively participate. Sign-ups will not take more than 1 minute.

A frictionless and seamless experience with easy integration

No password needed and with the instant verification means the lower drop out at the time of signing up the process. It is also much more comfortable to integrate into any platform with the API.


All the ID verification is done automatically with the latest innovative technology by comparing the user government issued picture ID and a photo with the facial recognition technology taken in the real-time scenario to make sure that your users are genuinely and really who they say they are.

AI-Driven Liveness Detection

Authenteq can automatically detect if a user this is a signing up is indeed a live human being or any of the fraudster which is trying to fake with the verification process. This kind of enhanced fraud is precisely what Authenteq has a blend of Artificial intelligence.

Blockchain Secure

Authenteq doesn’t save any of the data, which in turns means that there is no data threat of a database breach.

To Sump Up

Overall, Authenteq certainly offers enough features to be used for identity verification. It’s highly recommended for those who also want to keep safe all their ID. Thank you for reading, please share your views in the comments below!


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