A Man Who Touched Death and Returned with the Brand Named MINERAL

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Some brands come as an outcome of intense life happenings despite our prior experience in the sector. Life may take unexpected paths and bring us unheralded moments. Mathew Miller, an Austin based entrepreneur, also went through some incidents, and the final result of it was the beginning of the currently popular CBD brand MINERAL

Miller Climbs Mt Pisco In Peru and…

Miller was not much aware of cannabinoid, aka CBD. He was a young aspiring entrepreneur. However, he could not materialize his dream in his project, and miserably failed. To mitigate the desperation of the failure, he went to Peru, and he climbed Mt Pisco. He had meat and there had an amoeba parasite in it. His lower intestine got affected, and he came face to face with death. 

Despite the suggestion of physicians to remove his colon, he went with some plant medicines and CBD oils. It was a new and refreshed life for him, and he became the evangelist of CBD and its advantages. Soon after he reached back in the States, he, with his business partner Haris Fazlani started planting the idea of MINERAL.

A Man Who Touched Death and Returned with the Brand Named MINERAL

MINERAL is Coming to Being 

The business started by creating a plant specification protocol. The formulation of the first product was successful, and it started collaborating with a Colorado-based hemp cultivator. 

The first MINERAL product, which is a sublingual hemp oil to reduce inflammation, was launched at the end of 2017. After the success of the product, the startup brought several other products to the market and became one of the leading CBD providers in two years. 

With various medical functions and applications, the brand has six variety of cannabinoid products that fall under two categories: sublingual and topicals. The products come in various prices and quantities. To make the purchase affordable, Mineral health coupons are also available.

The Unique Extraction Method

When it comes to the effect of hemp products, the extraction method is pretty crucial. The method can reduce or increase the effect. MINERAL uses a superficial CO2 extraction that preserves vital vitamins and hemp fats. To ensure purity, the extraction team never uses ethanol.

“MINERAL formulations are kinetic and active from bottling to consumption,” Miller says in an interview.

Products are Hemp, So is Packaging

MINERAL maintains its quality in its packaging as well. It brings an exceptional packaging method that no other CBD brands have ever done. MINERAL product boxes are made of hemp fiber, the by-product of oil processing.

Branding the Name Impressively

When you come across the ads and branding of MINERAL, you will understand the talent behind it, and that is none other than the co-founder Haris Fazlani. The branding is too attractive than any other CBD brand out there. With a minimalist eye-catchy design, it grabs customers’ love. For the same reason, it bagged Indigo Silver in Branding 2019. 

MINERAL is not a brand that came into existence because of the scope of the skyrocketing market. But, it is an outcome of real-life experience. Thus, the founders are aiming to bring the highest quality of hemp to the people.


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