Tech Start-Up Raises 8 Million Dollar For Augmented Reality Developer Platform

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Established in August 2016, 8th Wall has a team of ex-Google and Facebook builders with expertise in machine concept, computer knowledge, and product development. They have been operating on a sequence of primary tools that perform it simple to promote AR applications for mobile. 

8th Wall is working seamlessly to help with existing development workflows, which includes the Unity game engine. Developers can use the form to spot businesses in the field related to gaming, ecommerce, retail, production, development, real estate, training, and more

With the combination of ARKit and ARCoreAR platform, the tool works best on all available iOS and Android phones. The platform uses a robust and viable AR experience to ease users' experience. The device permits the user to use the same apps to run on iOS or Android. 

Now with the AR platform, you will get a seamless relationship between smartphone's camera and IMU sensors. It helps the developers to get attention from notable audiences who prefer apps or games.

The funding is done to enhance the reach of the user to get access to AR applications. There are many smartphones which do not have AR Tracking support, but 8th Wall ensures with the tracking support for all smartphones, and it will help all the smartphones to run on AR apps efficiently. An augmented reality app is software that unites digital viewed content, includes audio as well into the user's real-world surroundings.

Erik Murphy, the CEO of 8th Wall recently commented on the funding and said "The beginning actions with AR will appear on mobile, and mobile AR will be a medium of expansion in a broad variety of industries. AR offers the opportunity to get applications, which will enhance customer interaction in the best possible way."

He added, "We are focussing on existing workflow development, an enhancement to gaming, which has led the process,"

The Founder of 8th Wall is one of the ex-employee of Facebook and Google where he used to work as an engineer manager and senior staff respectively and has a broad knowledge in computer programming, data analysis, full-stack/ mobile development.  

Murphy-Chutorian hopes 8th Wall can drive more attention of the developers on its AR platform by strictly following their inadequacies and releasing updates respectively. The platform has attracted new investors like Shasta Ventures and Sparkland Capital. With the funding, the company who has a team of nine members only is likely to be the ten times the size over the following year.

Key Points On AR

8th Wall founder Erik Murphy-Chutorian said "The fundamental idea is that we haven't observed any of the modern information designed for mobile AR though,"

The startup is looking forward to more funds as it seems to generate the pace from the extensive augmented reality (AR) space. The company is likely to focus on developers to bring AR functionality to the app or the game they're working.


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