Check Your Employee Background Check Via Asurint

Asurint An Introduction

Asurint is an innovative consumer reporting firm that has reimagined background screening and checking. Just like other screening solutions, Asurint collects the relevant data from its sources to provide accurate pre-employment screens, criminal searches, and drug testing. The platform manages data in a proprietary database, minimizing manual searches while improving criminal hit rate and turnaround times.

Asurint adopts a unique approach to background screening, which enables organizations to hire the right people. It blends the innovative technology and responsive processes with the talented workforce to enhance the screening process while saving the money and time. Moreover, the solution provides in-depth consumer reports that organizations analyze to make informed decisions about an employee/applicant.

Let us look at some of the features of Asurint:

Better use of technology

Apart from that, Asurint has found a way to use the innovative technology without straying from the confines of the strict background screening process. The solution employs the proprietary IQLogics decision engine to expedite the screening process with the expansive background searches. The engine scours candidate address history and matches the locations to unearth, records and critical details such as the candidate legal name, current residential address, government ID and date of birth.

Centralized database

Asurint does not just rely on data from the third party organizations. The agency collects and aggregates data in a proprietary NCIB database. The database includes the data from the state, country, and federal courts, and is constantly updated. This cost effectively expedites searches, which allows the employers to clears the candidate without any delay.

Refined process

Every organization has its unique needs. The solution dips the deep into the business to pinpoint all its pain points. This helps define the organization's goals while discovering the specific departments where the succient quests can be applied. By understanding the organization better, Asurint proposes solutions that deliver accurate results quickly. It even enhances the overall employee search leading to quick turnaround times for search results, hence make the faster placement.

To Sum Up

Overall, Asurint offers the great features to be used for background checking tool. It provides with a full-service background screening company that provides a wide variety of pre-employment solutions, criminal searches, and drug testing services.