Self Driving Cars Not Too Far Away

ARM Holdings, the chip technology firm owned by the SoftBank Group Corp, on Tuesday, pushed deeper into the automotive world with the chip aimed at handling the streams of sensor data expected to help the self-driving eventually navigate the roads, pushing further into the turf being contested by the Intel Corp, Nvidia, and others.

ARM newest chip design is known by the name as Cortex-A65AE, and is expected to enter into the market by 2020, and is designed around the idea of being able to handle the stream of data from a self-driving car sensors in near real-time scenario, but with new safety features intended to make the chips better suited to cars, where the glitches that are minor annoyances in the consumer electronics cloud lead to crashes.

ARM is known for the supplier of chip technology to smartphones. It provides some of the underlying technology and design for all the smartphone processor chips, which even includes the Apple iPhone’s and Android smartphones powered and supported by the Qualcomm chips.

In the month of September, ARM revealed its first automotive oriented chip, the Cortex-A76AE. That chip was the first from the ARM company with a new safety feature called the “Split Lock.”

The idea is when the car designers want the chip to work its fastest, they can easily split up the processing “cores” on the chip and process data in the set of multiple cores at once. But when the designers want to maximize safety, at that time they can lock the cores together to perform the same operations and double check the chip work, thus minimizing the chances of computing errors.

The chip which has been recently released has the new safety features as well as the features which are designed to help it process and pass along with the data from the sensors quickly. It also has a pathway for the speedy connections to graphics processors such as those supplied by the Nvidia Corp, that is being adopted by the car makers and which ARM chips would serve as a compliment too.

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