Apple 5G Phone to Release in 2020

With the 5G services going to roll out as the next big thing in the mobile connectivity network, is also expected to hear it as one of the major buzzword starting from 2019. It has already started, as some of the mobile manufacturers have been revealing phones, calling it one of the first 5G devices, even though these phones will not see the light of the day until 2019, just like the Mi Mix 3. Some of the brands were the Samsung, OnePlus and some other Android OEM’s to release their first 5G phones by the starting of next year.

According to the report which has been revealed, Apple will launch its 5G supported iPhone by the end of 2020 which also cites some of the source familiar with the Apple plans, which also adds that the company will use the Intel 8161 5G modem chip in its 2020 iPhones.

The road to launch the first 5G iPhones will not be going to be that much easy as that of the report adds that Apple is currently not happy with the Intel process. This is because that the Intel 8060 modem chip which will be going to use to test out the 5G iPhone is seeing a heat dissipation issues which needs to be resolved. That being said, the issue is not just that severe enough for the Apple to go back to the Qualcomm for the supplying of the 5G modems. As an alternative to the “Plan B” option, Apple is also in talks with the MediaTek to supply 5G modems if intel failers to deliver the same.

Apple's plans to rely on Intel for modems began as early as 2015. This year's iPhones that include the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max use Intel modems exclusively, and we expect to see this trend continue for a while. \It's not surprising for Apple to wait until other companies try their hand at new technological innovation. 2019 will see the first wave of 5G phones, but it will take a couple of years before 5G becomes a standard. You can expect to see the upcoming CES and MWC in 2019 to focus a lot on 5G as well as some of the first 5G Android phones from the likes of Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

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