Apple Starts China App Accelerator Program

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To redeem the critical market value in the Chinese market, Apple has started a service business program in Shanghai. The programs will provide the requirements for its developers to create apps. 

The program aiming developers in greater China that includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China and over 2.5 million developers are from this region. So, the program signals to a tremendous change in the future. 

This latest program will include lectures, workshops, and networking sessions on a regular basis. Apple CEO Tim Cook had opinioned that Apple’s service business in the country. The company’s market earning has increased over the quarter ended in June, according to research firm Evercore ISI. The market atmosphere was different until the April quarter.

Apple’s Chinese Market Earning Downfall in Recent Times

Apple’s earning has been shortfalling in last year December quarter as well as the first quarter of 2019. The reason for the shortfall fueled by different factors and Apple’s CEO, earlier, had blamed the economic weakness in China. Apple’s recent programs also did not see the expected result. 

Huawei is ruling the market in most of the recent quarters. Also, other companies such as Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. started offering smartphones at cheaper rate claiming they have most of the Apple iPhone features. As a result, Apple had reduced the price for its items. Adding to that, the Chines electronic retailers also reduced the price for some of the iPhone items. 

Both in India China, the case is not different as Xiomi and Samsung have more hold in the market. In 2017, Apple had done app accelerator program in Bangaluru, India, to tackle the market competitors. 

The Apple market has been moving slowly worldwide in recent months. China, being one of the important Apple markets, the program will be planned to bring a huge change. 

There were speculations that the trade war between China and the United States will affect Apple. Countering the suspicion, Tim Cook had said that China was not targetting Apple in the trade war.


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