Apple Acquires Music Analytics Furm ASAII

Apple has reportedly bought a music analytics firm called the Asaii, which is a startup that can supposedly discover some of the new Artists well before they become completely famous. Asaii would also mark the Apple second music purchase of the year after the widely known as Shazam service, which is a deal that finalized just after a week ago.

According to the report which has been revealed, Apple paid less than a $100 million for the service with the deal. As of now, neither the Apple nor the Asaii confirmed the purchase of the deal, but the LinkedIn profile of the Asaii suggests that the deal is real and not fake. For much more instance, Song Theakanath and the Austin Chen, the founders of the Asaii, now list Apple as their employer and has also specifically mentioned the Apple music.

Before this, Asaii has also announced that it would soon shut down by the 14th of October. The deal of Asaii might help the Apple both offer the improved recommendations to users but also help with the discovery of the new unsigned artists.

Asaii also developed a dashboard which pulls out the data from the music servers and social media platform. Asaii says in a report that its tech can discover some of the new artists “10 weeks to a year” before they chart and that it will allow the discovery of the “next Justin Bieber.”

The company has also built an Algorithm that can offer the recommendations to a user which is based on their existing music services which could also get integrated into the Apple Music in the future. Spotify, Apple’s main rival in the music streaming business, plans to allow unsigned artists to upload their music directly. Spotify also has its own recommendations algorithms in place, including Daily Mix and Discover Weekly.

Apple routinely purchases startups and smaller companies to bolster is existing services and products, so the purchase isn’t surprising, especially considering that Apple Music is a significant area of interest for Apple. The Shazam deal, which closed a few weeks ago after clearing EU regulators, cost Apple $400, according to reports.

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