Apple Buys Silk Labs In Unconfirmed Deal

Apple has now made another acquisition in the business of Artificial Intelligence, according to the report. According to the information will has been revealed, Apple has quietly acquired the Silk Labs, which is an Artificial Intelligence startup focusing more on the  “software lightweight enough to fit onto consumer hardware like cameras.”

As just like most of the Apple acquisition, details about the deal are not disclosed, but it is more likely to occur by the end of this year. In terms of the price, the report reveals that the deal was “likely to be a small one for Apple” due to the fact that Silk Labs only employed as of now around half a dozen employees. It has also secured around $4 Million in the funding round.

Silk Labs was founded in the year 2015 by the three Former Mozilla employees. At Mozilla, the three founders – Chris Jones, Michael Vines, and Andreas Gal, which worked on the Firefox OS, the company attempted to compete with the Android and IOS.

Both the Silk Labs and Apple have expressed their interest in using Artificial Intelligence in ways which protect user privacy. Silk labs have talked about the AI products where the Artificial Intelligence runs locally on a user’s device as opposed to the cloud.

This is not the first Artificial Intelligence acquisition Apple has made as of now. Previously, the company has also acquired the Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence company Lattice Data for $200 Million. Apple also hired Google Search and AI chief John Giannandrea to join its own sort of the AI efforts. He was named as the Apple’s head of the Machine Learning and AI strategy this year.

As of now, there is no report or comment of its Silk Labs acquisition, but that is not out the norms for the company.

“Privacy and security are built into our company’s DNA,” reads the Silk website. “With every line of code we write, and in every design decision we make, Silk takes great measures to ensure that user data on the Silk Intelligence Platform is fully protected at all times.”

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