Apple Reportedly Working On Touch Sensitive Rear Glass For iPhone

One of the largest premium and international smartphone manufacturer Apple Inc, has now received 37 patents for a touch-sensitive surface which is capable of flipping and scrolling pages on a connected display and smart fabric capable of transmitting remote control commands.

Patently Apple, a website that published Apple latest patents said that Apple could integrate touch sensors on the back glass. The website also revealed that Apple has also applied for patents for the tilt controls, that even allows a user to turn the pages of a document. The patent describes the tilting between the pages and the touch-sensitive rear glass panel as per the following:

“The electronic device defined in claim 1 further comprised of a touch sensor, wherein the electronic device has a front face and a rear face and wherein the flexible display layer is much more configured to display content on the front face based on touch input that is gathered with the help of a touch sensor on the rear face.”

“The fabric-based item may also going to include control circuitry that gathers user input from the input circuitry and wireless communications circuitry that the control circuitry uses to transmit remote control commands and some of the other wireless signals in response information from the input circuitry.”

The flexible display layer may mean that the Apple might be also working on the glass uni-body design which will wrap up around the edges of the devices. The smart fabric will now also be able to gather user touch inputs and will transmit the wireless signals. The image of the patent available on the website shows up with a cylindrical remoted which is wrapped in the smart fabric. The walls of the remote can be easily compressed, which can mean it might be a pressure sensor.

This might not be the only application of the smart fabric, as it might also be used in the MacBooks, Apple Watch, iPads and even the Airpods.

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