Apple’s Analyst Predicts The Coming of AR Glasses And SE2 In 2020

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Apple revolutionized the smartphone culture by the Introduction of unique hardware devices to the world. As a continuation, the latest news is about its new avatar, Apple AR glasses.

Despite the rumors and speculations regarding Apple’s augmented reality glasses, there was a valid signal for the arrival of the AR glasses last month. 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Ku today predicted that AR glasses would appear in the market by the mid of 2020. Kuo said that the glasses would be built in collaboration with third parties.

Apple has been zeroing in on augmented reality in recent times, while the increased capabilities are arriving with each update to iOS. The prediction of Kuo also includes the arrival of augmented reality headset along with the announcement of other upcoming devices. 

Apple’s Analyst Predicts The Coming of AR Glasses And SE2 In 2020

AR glasses would be the first significant hardware category innovation from Apple since the AirPods and Apple Watch. And both the innovations were a huge success.

According to Kuo, the AR glasses won’t have their own graphics processor or CPU, rather depending on an iPhone to produce the AR experiences.

AR glasses would make possible, showing you driving directions, stock prices, and so on. In other words, it will simplify many things in an immediate way.

Even though Google had introduced Google smart glasses, it did not bring a huge success or transformation. Many users did not find it useful and Apple is all set to overcome the flaws. 

Kuo also announced the release of the most expected iPhone SE2 next spring. The sleek design and affordable price will be something to look forward to. Besides, as the iPhone 11 is trending in the market, the SE2 is expected to have the fastest processor.

Besides, experts claim that iPhone SE 2 will be similar in design and hardware specification to 2017's iPhone 8, only with the upgraded A13 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 11.


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