Singapore’s AnyMind Group Acquires India’s Ad Platform Pokkt

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Singapore’s AI-based advertising firm, AnyMind Group, has recently announced the acquisition of India’s smartphone video advertising startup Pokkt. The financial detail of the deal was not disclosed yet. AnyMind is planning to expand its services and its leadership teams. Along with this, it will also maintain a global presence across India and the Middle East.

In 2012, Rohit Sharma, Manish Tewari, Rohit Sharma, Sharad Ingule, and Vaibhav Odekar founded Pokkt as an alternate mobile payment platform that helps Paid Digital Services and Goods proprietors to legalize their users via an advertiser-funded Model. Pokkt uses machine learning to benefit its more than 200 advertising partners to target their audiences better.

With this acquisition, AnyMind will accommodate Pokkt’s mobile-centric tech stockpile into its AdAsia Digital platform, which is currently helping marketers to manage, activate as well as track media to buy over mobile channels and desktop.

Singapore’s AnyMind Group Acquires India’s Ad Platform Pokkt

According to a statement, the collaboration will also expand AnyMind’s global reach by adding in Pokkt’s India’s 3 offices and UAE’s office. That brings AnyMind’s total geographical reach to 17 offices in 13 markets. 

As per the agreement, Pokkt’s CEO Rohit Sharma will replace Otohiko Kozutsumi, who was AnyMind’s COO. From now, Otohiko will be AnyMind’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). On the other hand, Pokkit’s COO Vaibhav Odhekar will take charge of AnyMind’s as an MD for India and the Middle East offices.

In 2016, Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi founded AnyMind Group, formerly known as AdAsia, as an AI-powered digital advertising platform for the marketing industry to create end-to-end solutions for programmatic marketing, digital advertising, and publisher monetization. It has also grown to implement its tech and expanded its pace to other areas like human resources, entertainment, and marketing.

Counting this acquisition, AnyMind has also made more 4 acquisitions. GROVE Japan, a video editing platform, FourM, an IT platform, Moindy Digital, media and entertainment platform, and Acqua Media, an advertising platform, are among its acquired firms.  

Recently, AnyMind has bagged nearly $30 million in funding. Along with this, it has also launched its new D2C services through its investment into fitness apparel company Lyft.


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