Now Make Data Analysis Easy Via AnswerMiner

For a decade, Data Science has now been a hot topic, but most of its concept was present theoretically. The practical  application of Data Analysis became only possible after the existence of large data sets to work upon, effective machine learning algorithms, and systems to operate these algorithms. And this is where AnswerMiner came into the picture.

AnswerMiner An Introduction

AnswerMiner is a data analytics and visualizations solution which is designed to help everyone working with data, that even includes the programmers, data scientists, statisticians make sense out of their information, derive actionable insights and make smarter business actions and decisions.

The tool is extremely user-friendly, even to novices with the little to no experience handling data. AnswerMiner connects to the user data sources, applications and business systems, then automatically slices and dices the data, then generates reports or visualization that display information in such a way the user easily understands and digests.

AnswerMiner helps to reveal issues, opportunities, and insights that are hidden within and underneath the tons of information, which helps them to maximize their data more and make data-driven decisions.

Let us look at some of the features of AnswerMiner:

User-Friendly Data Exploration Tool

AnswerMiner does not require you to be an expert in data science to use the software capabilities fully. It is designed and built with ease of use in the mind. You also won’t have to perform complex coding to mine your data for actionable and reliable insights.

AnswerMiner does all the hard work of visualizing and analyzing your data. All you have to do to is set your preferences, and specify what information you seek and the software will deliver your precious insights, opportunities, data relations and more in a silver platter.

Your Data Visualized Your Way

AnswerMiner allows you to see your data the way you understand it best. The tool can display your data in a number of ways. From traditional data columns, data charts, prediction trees, relation maps, and correlation matrix, AnswerMiner helps you truly understand your data so that you can fully utilize it to drive your endeavors forward and not to be overwhelmed by it.

You Are in Good Hands

AnswerMiner is used by giant corporations across multiple industries. Big names such as Motorola, PepsiCo, Google and Rolls Royce all trust AnswerMiner to help them dig deep into their data and bring to life insights, data relations, opportunities with the powerful and comprehensive visualizations.

To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features to be used for the data analysis in the organization.