Make Visual Marketing Animated Videos Surprising Simple With Animaker

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Earlier, the marketing was done by pamphlets, but in recent years the marketing style has changed. The marketing has switched from the physical paper format to digital in the form of images, short videos, GIFs, etc. However, hiring any graphics designers to create a marketing advertisement is a pocket drilling process. But with a DIY video animation software, Animaker, anyone can do the work of a graphic designer for creating digital marketing supplies. 

MIT Chennai MBA graduate, RS Raghav has founded Animaker in 2014, as a cloud-based easy to access DIY video animation app. Earlier Animaker, Raghav worked at Infosys as a technology analyst as he is highly skilled in data science and product nurturing. Besides, Raghav is also recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs. For marketing and video campaigns, Raghav has helped more than 50 Fortune companies, including Google, FedEx, Unilever, and AOL. Presently, Animaker is one of the leading and global's fastest-growing software firms in the content creation sector in the world. 

Back in 2014, Raghav realized the impact and need of visual marketing. He thought that every company must need internal creativity to meet the increasing demand of visual marketing. At that same time, Raghav was running a leading creative studio named Bode Animation that helped various companies all around the globe in making videos. Although Bode Animation was only a small startup, but his client was among Fortune 500 companies. Raghav gives credit to his professional team, who supported and dedicatedly worked for him in the run of his business. Bode Animation team used Adobe tools for every project. 

Make Visual Marketing Animated Videos Surprising Simple With Animaker

Raghav's Bode Animation startup got popularity and it had also increased a lot of competition. To stand out from the crowd, Bode Animation's team created a lot of videos for its own content marketing. Its in-house professionals started making videos with the help of Adobe tools. The video-making process was expensive and time-consuming, so they tried several online tools to make work done. However, initially, the things were fine and exciting, but no tool worked as per their expectations. Most of the online tools were lacked large animation libraries, whereas some tools were full of bugs.

Facing all those issues, Raghav realized the exact pain point of every web designer and content creator. Although the designers have a tremendous source of knowledge and creativity, but when it comes to visual creation, they face a huge struggle if they are not sourced with proper tools. So Raghav decided to find an inbound solution for everyone so they can create high-quality animated videos without putting a lot of effort, investment, and time.

Raghav developed Animaker with the mission of equipping every company with an affordable in-house studio. He designed Animaker with pre-built templates and characters to create an animated video in a shockingly simple way. For Animaker, Raghav selected a team of talented engineers and highly creative designers who have a vision of making a visual content simple for everyone. In 2017, Animaker was the first tool to launch an animated vertical video creator, and presently, it is one of the famous firms in video making and content creation space. To date, Animaker has more than 4 million users all around the world. The brand has 3 plans- free, starter, and pro. By applying  Animaker Discount code at the checkout, the brand offers a heavy discount.


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