Startup in Review: Anaxi | All In One Project Management Platform

Nowadays managing an entire project at once place is a very hectic task, as every project has several modules to line it up. To manage that project, we need to have a great project management platform, and this is when Anaxi Web App came into the picture.

What is Anaxi?

Anaxi connects all your GitHub projects in one cross project task management, communication, and analytics platform for better collaboration, evaluation, and prioritization. Even your data remains inaccessible and secure even from the company itself. All metrics are computed directly within your device.

The following are some of the features of Anaxi that make it a highly useful tool for project management:

The New paradigm to manage your software projects

Anaxi reports give you the ability to track issues, metrics such as progress or productivity and pull requests through the much more customizable reports. Default report will give you a sense of what you can actually do, but also just don’t hesitate to edit the reports to fit your needs.

Better track your priorities by focusing on what matters to you

Anaxi gives you a unified interface to easily access the issues on which you want to focus on, across all your projects with your team. You can easily monitor the number of crucial or blocker bugs and have a better sense of the quality of your next release.

Prioritize your code reviews based on complexity indicators

Anaxi computes the complexity which is directly linked to your pull requests to help you sort with your pull requests to review easily. Review the simple ones first to get you going before addressing the hotspot ones or the long-running, complex ones.

Weekly activity metrics for your team

Understand your teamwork pattern with the commit frequency, the code analysis, but also how much goes to pay down the technical debt for the same. Easily identify the delivery risk if your level of churn does not decrease before an actual release. Map out the process improvements with the actual data.

Organize your daily focus

In Anaxi, you can easily create a folder to have quick access to the issue which is assigned to you and your current pull requests, across all your projects.


Overall, Anaxi offers enough features to be included in your project management toolkit. It is highly recommended if you are looking for an all in one project management platform on GitHub.