ScanMovers Secure €750k in Series A Funding

ScanMovers, an Amsterdam, The Netherlands based moving platform has now secured €750k  in the funding round of Series A.

The backers include the unnamed angels with a background in the e-commerce platform, tech, and insurance participated in the round.

The company which as of now has raised the total of €1.25m, as of now has a plans to use the funds to develop technology that enables the sharing of moving personnel and an app that makes moving much more stress-free.

The company which is founded by the Maurits Koopman, and Boyan Nijpels. ScanMovers offers a moving platform for the people to arrange their move in the Benelux, which also gives users into the reviews, service levels, and prices.

The company before that has launched innovative moving insurance with the Meijers Assurantien, where all the movers can easily pay a premium per move instead of per month and will launch a new sharing platform as well for the workers and buses next year.

Boyan Nijpels, the founder of ScanMovers, said: “We have as of now has finally solved a concrete problem: the price which even distinguishes just between movers are enormous, but more expensive movers are not always much better. We will use this investment to help the moving sector to innovate some of the further and to make moving easier for everybody. This new group of investors shares our vision that this removal sector can be easily and much more organized more efficiently by using the same principles from the sharing economy as well. This flexibility benefits as of now both the end customer and mover.”

Nijpels added: “Moving is in the top three of the most stressful life experiences. As a result, you do not always have an eye for everything that needs to be prepared. Our app to be released next year will take the consumer and mover through all the steps that need to be taken. This makes every move run smoothly: no one forgets the parking permit for the moving van or arranging an external lift. This saves the consumer and mover a lot of worries, frustration and time.”

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