AI-Based Customer Data Startup Amperity Acquires Custora

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In this digital era, how a business uses customer data is quite relevant, and that can determine the growth of the firm. Several companies provide customer data management services at various levels. Amperity has acquired Custora; both companies are the big names of customer data service platforms. The acquisition amount is yet to disclose.

Even though both are customer data platforms, their service is different from each other. Both companies started discussing the business models and futuristic plans from July 2018, says Amperity CEO Kabir Shahani. If Amperity helps the businesses use data to serve the customer, Custora’s mission is to help brands improve their relationship with their customers.

This is Amperity’s first acquisition since its launch in 2016, and this ‘milestone’ in its journey, according to Kabir. Amperity is quite popular for its “Customer 360” services, meaning building full and accurate data of each customer by aggregating structured and unstructured data. It helps businesses to get a complete picture of customer behavior and make strategies accordingly. Starbucks, GAP, Alaska Airlines, Nordstrom, Brooks Running, Lucky Brand, Planet Fitness, Kendra Scott, are some of its top customers. 

“Joining two best-in-breed solutions is a tremendous opportunity to deliver the capabilities that brands need to thrive as customer-centric businesses of the future,” says Kabir. 

Custora is present in the industry for about a decade, and it is one of the earliest intelligence platform offering end-to-end solutions for high-value acquisition. It provides various levels of solutions such as providing big-picture strategic goals based on individual customer insights, automated AI-powered insights across teams to mobilize entire retail organizations, strategies to increase customer loyalty, and many more. Having a large customer base, it provides service for famous brands such as J.Crew, Tiffany & Co, Uniqlo, Kenneth Cole, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Crocs.

The acquisition is to bring a combined platform without demotivating the present customers.

“We are committed to continuing to supply all of the capabilities in Custora you love and rely on to drive your business. Next, our intention is to merge and evolve our technologies,” Custora written in its blog.


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