Amazon Takes Second Place Leaving Alphabet Inc Behind

On Tuesday Amazon became the second most valuable publicly listed U.S company, leaving Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc behind for the first time.

With that Amazon’s shares ended up at 2.69 percent at $1586.51, for market capitalization of $768 billion, emphasizing on Wall Street’s push towards its push in the cloud computing business, groceries and other new businesses. Reuters reported that Alphabet Inc 0.39 percent in stock value, adding up to $762 billion. The recent Facebook allegations have had quite the impact on the company’s shares. 

Th E-commerce giant overtook Microsoft as the trip top public listed US company back in February. Apple remains on the top of the list with a capitalization of $899 billion. Past stock performances don't assure the future for obvious reasons but if Amazon’s stocks keep up the same patterns it would reach 1 trillion by late August.

On the other hand Apple would reach its 1 trillion around a month later, according to a Reuters report. And Alphabet’s stock has gone up 4 percent in 2018 and has shown a 26 percent increase since last year.