Amazon DeepLens : The AI Camera For Developers Is Now Available At $249

Amazon Web Services announced its AWS DeepLens in re:Invent conference in past at $249. The camera which is specially made for developers to build and prototype voice-centric machine learning in the field. They started the pre-orders a few months back, but now they have actually started shipping the camera to developers.

Frederic Lardinois, one of the authors from TechCrunch, attended the launching workshop with DeepLens senior manager Jyothi Nookuma and VP Swami Sivasubramanian to get the hands-on experience with the hardware and software before the launch.

Basically, DeepLens is a small Ubuntu and Intel Atom based computer with the built-in camera which is very powerful to run and evaluate any visual machine learning patterns and it offers around 106 GFLOPS of performance in total.

Hardware includes think Micro HDMI, USB 2.0, Audio output, etc. You can create prototype applications in the field of machine learning. It can help even if you want to create a simple app which can send an alert to you when the camera detects the parameters you have set. It comes with the 4-megapixel camera which is a perfect fit for the usage. As we know Amazon always try to integrate its products with the AWS services, DeepLense also comes with the latest integration with most of the AWS's services. With the help of AWS's IoT Greengrass, you can deploy several models to DeepLens for machine learning.


All these integrations help the usage of the camera easily. It will take less than 10 minutes to integrate the camera with AWS's services. AWS comes with the project templates which include object detection parameters that can detect and distinguish between more than 20 objects at a time and render the camera image in style of van Gosh. van Gosh is a face detection model which allows you to detect and distinguish between different people and different animals. It can recognize more than 30 actions. They are trying to add the face poses detection technology too.

The camera is at the beginning stage of its avatar and we have a lot to see in the future. Those who have zero knowledge about machine learning can also take the existing templates and easily use the camera's features and technology.

DeepLense consists of two parts: The model and the Lambda function that runs instances of the parameter and lets you run the actions based on the output. Sagemaker helps to make it easy to create the parameters without even managing the infrastructural changes.

You can do a lot of other things than just using those available templates and AWS services. The camera comes with a small computer which allows you to do a lot of things into machine learning and extending DeepLens usage. The camera comes with pre-installed Ubuntu 16.04.

Sivasubramanian said, “The whole rationale behind DeepLens came from a simple question that we asked ourselves: How do we put machine learning in the hands of every developer.” “So instead of telling somebody to go download this toolkit and then go buy this toolkit from Amazon and then wire all of these together. So you have to do like 20 different things, which typically takes two or three days and then you have to put the entire infrastructure together. It takes too long for somebody who’s excited about learning deep learning and building something fun.” He said.

DeepLense is now available at Amazon at $249. The camera with the functions and features is little high priced but if you look at the other side, usage & application of it, you will surely love it especially if you are a developer.

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Reference: Tech Crunch

Original Author Credit: Frederic Lardinois