Phil McCarty’s Amachete is Not the Amazon Seller Tools You Have Seen

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For many online sellers, Amazon is a profitable medium to sell their products. Amazon product research tool is an unavoidable necessity. However, Amazon sellers are not quite confident about choosing the right Amazon research tool. An Amazon business software developed by a creative mind with blending business strategies would be more effective. Amachete, built by Phil McCarty, is such a software that has been working as a catalyst for several Amazon sellers to elevate their business. 

A Musician Cum Amazon Business Expert 

Phil McCarty is adept in online product research and marketing. Moreover, he is a musician and writer. In other words, he clearly knows the pulse of millennials, and that augments his innovations in the business sector as well. 

As a musician, Phil started his startup for musicians in 2011. The online platform named is an online platform for users to transfer media files with others. He developed the platform by adding several other features.

He launched Amachete in 2015 after years of research on online marketing and Amazon business. It was truly a game-changing moment in his journey. Amachete, the Amazon business tool, has grown exponentially in a few years. 

Phil McCarty’s Amachete is Not the Amazon Seller Tools You Have Seen

What Is Amachete?

 Amachete is an Amazon product research tool that helps Amazon sellers get accurate information about product ideas and Amazon sales. It does not only focus on a particular region but across the globe.

Phil wanted to build this platform that can be conveniently and efficiently used by beginners and pros alike. Thus, Amachete is pretty cool when you add it as a chrome extension. It will give the essentials once you open it, and you can access the elaborated data in a single click. Besides, it saves a whole lot of your time since it is a fast analysis of Amazon products and competitors.

Along with the product research features, Amachete always secures the users from hijackers. If another Amazon seller is attempting to take over your listing and buybox, Amachete lets you know the hijacking in no time. 

Unlike many other platforms, instead of daily rank and report, it provides an hourly rank and inventory tracker. Practically, it is quite beneficial than daily reporting. That along, 12.1 million products spread across 10 global marketplaces, including Germany, Japan, India, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and definitely the US.

This is the most accurate sales data you can get for Amazon Japan. Within a few days of my listing being live, I was selling +15 a day with no reviews, and Amachete predicted my number perfectly,” says Nick K, an Amazon seller from Tokyo, Japan. 

The user-friendly side of Amachete becomes fascinating when it comes to the free trial. If most of the Amazon seller platforms ask card details to benefit from the free trial, this platform does not require your card details for 14 days Amachete tool free trial. 

The Strategy of Limiting Customer Base

Phil is now brilliant in getting customers. The door of Amachete is not always open. Yes, you cannot purchase the tool all the time; you must wait. It values its customers, and by limiting the number of customers, it believes it can give 100% effective service to the existing customers.

The story does not cease with Amachete. In 2018, he started PPC Prophet, an automated tool to manage Amazon sponsored ads campaigns. Having two major platforms that solely focus on Amazon is something very inspiring as it is a great example of mastering a specific area and hunting opportunities.


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