Excessive Alcohol Consumption Could Worsen Coronavirus Pandemic

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A new study suggests that if you consume a comparatively large quantity of alcohol like instead of taking a single served glass of wine to a whole bottle of wine or 1-2 pack of beers to a six-pack of beer, or more than a couple of mixed drinks, could intensify the effects of the ongoing novel pandemic.

In a news release, the US-based non-profit organization, the American Heart Association (AHA), said that consuming alcohol for releasing stress might look like a good idea. However, the data suggests that Americans are lately consuming much more alcohol than usual, which can lead to an increase in health risks. The health risk includes compromised immune systems, which reduces the body's ability to fight against infectious diseases like coronavirus.

A global marketing research firm named Nielsen has drawn out a report that shows that alcohol sales in-stores were increased to 54% in late March compared to the same period in 2019. In April, online stores were raised by almost 500%. In early April, a Morning Consult poll was conducted on the US's 2,200 adults showed that 16% of adults were drinking more during the pandemic outbreak, with higher rates among younger adults- around one in five Gen Xers and one in four millennials have mentioned that their alcohol consumption was up.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption Could Worsen Coronavirus Pandemic

According to the federal dietary guidelines, it is said that alcohol consumption varies by weight and gender. In general, for men, one to two drinks per day, and for women, one drink per day is considered as moderate alcohol consumption. On the other hand, the spectrum binge drinking in 2 hour period for women considers four or more drinks and for men, five or more drinks.

Research by Nashville-based Vanderbilt University's senior associate dean and professor of nursing, Mariann Piano, said that few people are saying that it's great that we are consuming binge drinking every night. According to AHA, excessive alcohol could increase the risk of obesity, liver disease, breast cancer, suicide, depression, accidents, and a vast range of cardiovascular problems, including atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack.

AHA also said that alcohol also could interact harmfully with prescription drugs that lead to poor sleep and dehydration. Alcohol can also affect brain functions like balance, memory, and rational thinking.

Alcohol could ultimately impair your judgment. They had seen bars, where no social distancing measures are seen, with people in a line-up or clusters against each other, Mariann Piano further added. 

Michigan bars were allowed to reopen on 8th June. In the state, after the high-profile coronavirus outbreaks linked bars, the bars in the Lower Peninsula was ordered to cease indoor service the last week.

While drinking, the consumer lacks with rational thought and also compromised consumers' immune systems dependent on alcohol leading to more coronavirus cases, Mariann added.


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