AirTies Unveils Smart Wi-Fi 6 Portfolio For Service Providers

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The leading managed Wi-Fi solutions and services provider in the global industry AirTies launches a portfolio of its brand new products.

The unveiling has occurred as the 2019 Broadband World Forum is just around the corner. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) devices powered by AirTies Smart Wi-Fi software are the latest addition in the line. 

By introducing AirTies claims to enhance the speed and capacity. Wi-Fi 6 products are coming with more unique features as well. 

Within the home, it can be connected to IoT devices avoiding the barrier of nearby Wi-Fi networks. The long-lasting battery and lower latency make the new line of products exceptional. 

AirTies Unveils Smart Wi-Fi 6 Portfolio For Service Providers

Service providers will additionally be benefitted from AirTies Smart Wi-Fi software and AirTies Cloud to get the maximum potential from Wi-Fi 6 technology. The technology will help not only manage the new Wi-Fi but the old as well. 

"It's clear that the number of connected devices is increasing at an accelerated rate, and trends such as UHD video, online gaming, and working from home, are all placing more demands on home networks.

To address these evolutions, we're excited to introduce our new Wi-Fi 6 portfolio, powered by AirTies Smart Wi-Fi and supported by AirTies Cloud," says AirTies CEO Philippe Alcaras

The Smart Wi-Fi portfolio includes three products: Air4960 Wi-Fi 6 Extender, Air4960R Wi-Fi Router, and Air4970 Tri-band Wi-Fi Extender.

Air4960 Wi-Fi 6 comes with 160 MHz channel support and incorporates a Broadcom CPU. The second product is expected to support operators that plan to retain their old cable modems or fiber terminations within the home.

The last one is a high performing extender designed to work with next-gen Wi-Fi 6 tri-band gateways. AirTies will showcase its Wi-Fi 6 portfolio at the 2019 Broadband World Forum happening between 15-17 October in Amsterdam. 


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