Now Create Your Own Decentralized Blog With One Click Via Airtext

Nowadays blogs and website are not secure as the virus keeps on attacking the web. To protect the blogging websites, Airtext has come up with the decentralized blog platform which is built via Blockstack.

Airtext An Introduction

Airtext is a platform to create your own decentralized blog with just one click. It is supported with the Blockstack.

What is Blockstack?

It is a new internet for the decentralized apps that you access with the Blockstack browser. Blockstack provides key tools and infrastructure to developers that even enable the usage of the decentralized storage, identity, and authentication.

Let us look at some of the features of Airtext:

Absolutely free

Airtext does not care about the number of users and viewers because as they don't use our servers to deliver your content. All your content, themes, and settings are decentralized and deliver by the Blockstack blockchain. Also, all the features are free and are soon going to be open source in the near future.

No censorship

The government can't block your content because it is decentralized, so you don’t have to worry about the Great Firewall or Roskomnadzror. Moreover, Airtext can’t control your blog or your content because all your data is encrypted and totally owned by you.

Completely secure

You can’t get hacked because only you can truly own and control your data. Airtext knows that nowadays security is very important for blogs and media because of information embargoes and leaks so that nobody can hack the servers and get your unpublished articles as Airtext does store content and data.

Custom themes and design

Use thousands of beautiful free and premium themes. As it supports any themes developed for Hugo, Gatsby, and Jekyll. You can also quickly and gradually develop your own themes with the robust theming system.

To Sum Up

Airtext is a great tool to be used for securing and maintaining the blogging website, this is a highly used tool for those who want to make their website save from the online virus.

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