The Best Cooking Experience From airKitchen For Travelers To Japan

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A trip is incomplete if you pack up and return home without tasting the deliciousness of the traditional cuisine. Each part of the world is unique with its food culture. Exploring various food items is one of the fascinating things you can do on tour. Fortunately, apps are available that leads you to the restaurants that offer authentic food. airKitchen, a Japanese online platform moves further from the strategies of existing online platforms, and it is one of the trending startups in Japan. 

A Different Way of Approaching Food Sharing

Japanese food culture is distinctively rich with different dishes rather than meat. For every tourist, the food items like Sushi, Ramen, Udon, and so on is worth giving a try. As Japan is one of the top destinations for international tourists, many food sharing apps allow travelers to get authentic handmade Japanese dishes.

Go Nagatsu and Yuta Murase, both 25, launched airKitchen as a Japanese authentic food sharing platform in 2018. But, it moved in a different way that no other platform tried, kitchen sharing service for travelers that gives them the first-hand experience of Japanese vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

A First-Hand Cooking Experience From airKitchen For Travelers To Japan

The Homely Experience of Japanese Vegan Food

It’s not easy for a foreigner who doesn’t know Japanese to find the vegan dish, despite several places in the main cities offer. The solutions airKitchen connects the tourists with the local hosts in the major cities. It allows them to enjoy cooking and to have and dining with the hosts at their local home in an entirely Japanese way.

A Simple Process to Find The Nearby Host For Cooking Class

The two founders developed the website to get the hosts very quickly with simple steps. Firstly, you can select your host who is closest through websites. It allows us to communicate with the host and take the final decision. Then, you can visit a local’s home and learn cooking as well as eating with them. Some hosts even offer pickup service too. According to several foreign tourists, airKitchen helped them to have practical and engaging cooking and dining experience. 

The Popular Japanese Vegan Dishes in Major Cities

With a few months, airKitchen is one of the favorite platforms of foreign tourists to Japan, and the cooking classes are available at eight bigger cities in Japan including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama and so on. Now thousands of registered local hosts with abundant matches with visitors to Japan. 

Bringing Japanese Dishes Into Vogue

The founders are aiming at making the Japanese food culture accessible globally. The cooking classes give broad reach internationally as the service zeroes in on overseas visitors to Japan. It is planning to expand the chain in all over Asia as well. Moreover, it lends a hand for the local hosts to raise income creatively. 

Authentic Cultures Always Are Worthless

People explore authentic cultures and travel country to country to experience it. In this digital era, using the digital space and tools to showcase the local cultures has a big market, and it is the best way of presenting the customs to the world. airKitchen is a real example of it without exploiting the Japanese culture.


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