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Video conferencing has been using widely in the business world especially. Video conferencing is leading the businesses to collaborate with people who are even opposite side of the globe. Often business professionals have to travel for some of the other reason. Few employees choose to work from home on a certain day or some at another location, but all have to reach out at one place and video conference is the numen. And this is where Aiko Meet came into the picture.

Aiko Meet An Introduction

Aiko Meet is the first video conferencing solution which is built with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Audio is automatically subtitled, and you will receive a full transcript at the end of your call. You can take calls right in your browser with a custom link, fully private.

Let us look at some of the features of Aiko Meet:

No Installs. Share your Link

Aiko Meet works entirely in your browser, without any extension or installations! The tool utilizes the WebRTC, a private and secure peer protocol resulting from an agreement between some of the major web browsers. There is no installation required. Just simply share your very own, customizable link to get the people on a call with just one click! Aiko Meet is easy and painless for everyone involved.

Fully Secure and Private

Aiko never shares or store any conversations, simple as that. Aiko Meet uses the TLS, the current standard in secure communications, to ensure that your conversations remain totally private. Aiko takes privacy seriously, and it is one of the first video conferencing tool to employ a fully connected mesh network. This means that your video call happens directly between you and each participant, without having anyone in the middle.

Subtitles + Transcript

Never miss another word! Aiko uses the powerful Artificial Intelligence to automatically transcribe everything you say, by showing the subtitles so that you never miss another word.

Even at the end of a call, you will even receive a transcript that you can keep for your records, or perhaps search with the Aiko words! Simple relax and let the Aiko take notes for you. Aiko supports the transcription in multiple languages and will transcribe conversations on any of the supported browsers.

To Sum Up

The greatest benefits of the video conference are the fact that it is superior to the traditional mode of communication as it reduces the travel cost and enhances communication and productivity in business communication.


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