AdHawk’s Unparalleled Journey In Digital Advertising Industry

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The scope of digital advertising and PPC management has grown to the highest demand in recent years. Digital advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter has been different campaigning strategies to promote business along with the Google Algorithm updates.

Many marketers are available out there, recognizing the impact of marketing, but not all the agencies could not bring the desired output. AdHawk, founded by two former Google AdWords employees, is the right platform all startup businesses are looking for.

Quitting A Job Is A Beginning

People resign from their job for various reasons, and Dan Pratt and Todd Sauders had the same reason for quitting their job at Google, the frustration toward the Google AdWord strategies on Account data. As marketers at Adwords, their job was helping startups and small businesses with digital advertising strategies. They handled a lot of startups as part of the job. 

They noticed a huge concern that most of the small businesses raise. It was pretty valid feedback that they did not have any idea about their campaigning such as who is the targeted audience, the strength of the audience, and so on. The two-coworkers thought the gap should be filled, and quit their job, commenced the new journey. 

AdHawk’s Unparalleled Journey In Digital Advertising Industry

A Digital Marketing Solution For Small Startups

Dan and Todd could not find any digital advertising platform that delivers with all the essential services a customer had to get, and also affordable services for startups who spend 5,000-50,000 a month on advertising. Both friends determined to launch a solution that is very customer-friendly, and AdHawk came into existence in 2015.

Unboxing The Algorithm And Optimization

The primary strategy AdHawk put forward was revealing the algorithm and optimization to the customers. No other agencies made such a move that leverages business.

The customers can fully see them and allowed them to take the final decision. The same theory attracted a lot of customers and made a vital role in AdHawk’s growth.  

Marketing The Marketing Agency

As many players out there in the field claiming extraordinary offers and finally end up with the disappointing result, there is always a chance to be deceived. The outnumbered agencies made AdHawk establish it as a credible platform.

Most of the marketers sent emails to businesses with big claims, but AdHawk took the road less traveled yet. Instead of throwing random offers, they asked the customers to see their ads and contents and listen to podcasts in order to match their interests. It worked, and several startups approached for solutions.

Stepping Into Flooring Industry 

In January 2019, AdHawk acquired FloorForce, a digital marketing platform solely for the flooring industry. According to Patt, the industry will witness a boom in the coming years.

He exemplifies it with the mattress industry. The mattress was not in the mainstream before six years, but now it is one of the top online selling products in the United States. AdHawks aims to promote the industry through the acquisition of FloorForce.

A Voice Search Algorithm For Future

The $17.7 million valued company is planning to bring marketing solutions for voice search. According to Todd, the algorithm will face a massive transformation as more people are searching Google using voice. It demands a different algorithm to deal with, and in the future, AdHawk is aiming to be ready for it.

Moral Of The Story

As the Google algorithm keeps on changing, innovative and productive ideas should be implemented to remain in the digital marketing industry. Above all, the platform should educate the customers to attract them.


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