Now Plan Your Monthly Budget Via Actual Budget

Saving, budgeting and getting out of the debt probably does not sound like a lot of fun, but nowadays the app designers are trying to change that with an array of a mobile app to help people better manage their money. This is where Actual Budget came into the picture.

Actual Budget An Introduction

Actual Budget is a personal finance tracker with a powerful budgeting system. Only budget money that you have and see exactly how much you are saving each month. Track all your accounts in just one place.

It is also a completely free local app which keeps your data private, with an optional service for syncing across the multiple devices.

Let us look at some of the features of Actual Budget:

Privacy and Security

Your data is not stored in the cloud. It can never be mined for data, analyzed or sold to a third party. It is always stored locally on your device only and no one has access to it. Your privacy is a huge priority.

On The Go

If you use the desktop app, then copy your budget and take it with you. Simply connect your devices and it will copy, so that you can look at while you are out. Update by simply copying again, the process is seamless and quick.


Actual Budget even provides with a powerful method for budgeting that makes it easy to see your spending. The idea is you treat categories as funds that money is distributed into, and even categorizing transactions pull money out of a category. If you have a positive balance in a category, you know you have the cash to spend. You also have to make up for overspending.

This means that your budget is always based on the real data, there is no made up numbers. Your income and expenses must be reconciled in a way that makes sense with your budget. It also makes it's obvious when something is wrong and gives proper guidance for how to fix it.

Track Everything

Create accounts off the budget to track everything that does not make sense in the budget. These can be an investment, mortgage, SIP or anything else. Get a complete financial picture in a single place.

Manage Transactions

Quickly add or edit transactions with a streamlined user interface. You can even categorize the transactions and does not feel like a burden.

Review your spending

Check your budget to get a glance at how you are spending. If necessary, quickly move around money to make up for the overspending, or even start with a new budget for a new month. Find whatever workflow fits your lifestyle.

To Sum Up

Actual Budget, is a great tool to be used as a personal finance tracker, for saving and budgeting your monthly expenses. This is a highly recommended tool for those who wants to go according to the budget the entire month.