ActiveCollab | Project Management For Creative Professionals

When it comes to the project management process, it is much more important to be able to manage the process effectively, which ensures that all the tasks are completed on time, that time is managed properly, that risk are assessed and that the project budget is on point. And this is where ActiveCollab came into the picture for handling the project in firms.

ActiveCollab  An Introduction

ActiveCollab is a powerful, yet simple project management and collaboration tool. It combines the task management, time tracking, and billing into easy to use and well-designed app. Keep all your data in just one place, where your team can communicate, get informed and see what they need to work on the next. It allows them to share files, discuss and brainstorm important topics and much more. Clients can be included, with the full protection of your sensitive data.

ActiveCollab runs on the cloud platform which leaves you free of any hosting, administrative and maintenance work. Always on the latest version and maximum speed, this is a go-to option for most teams. On the other hand, if you need full control of your data, custom URL and an unlimited number of team members, there is the self-hosted option.

Let us look at some of the features of ActiveCollab:

Efficient and Collaborative

With the ActiveCollab your team will be much more efficient, collaborate more closely and never miss a significant update.

Internal communication

Keep your team on the same with the help of a tool. Whether they are working across the hall or even across the world, it is easy to keep your staff working together with the ActiveCollab. With this tool, you can better improve and streamline your internal communication by sharing files, discussing relevant topics, delegating tasks and much more.

Client Satisfaction

With the ActiveCollab, don’t have to keep your clients on the sidelines anymore. By controlling permissions, you can exactly determine what every user can see and access, which even makes it easier for you to include them, keeping them informed and sharing what is exactly important.

Convenient email

Convenient email and in line notification integration enable both your team members and clients to talk about project details, progress updates and ideas without even worrying about lost communication. ActiveCollab thus makes collaboration with various teams and users easy.

With the ActiveCollab, everything your business needs is right at your fingerprints in just a single, easy to understand work space.


To Sum Up

Overall, ActiveCollab provides the great features, with it now plan & organize your tasks and workflows, communicate & collaborate with your teams and clients, track progress & measure the output across all projects, and get paid for your work with the built-in invoicing system.

Sharing is Caring!

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