Web Design Platform Abstract Acquires Visual Quality Checker Flawless

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Ukraine-based Flawless App, known for its excellent visual quality checker, especially build for iOS simulator, has been acquired by San Francisco Bay Area’s web designing and collaboration platform, Abstract at an undisclosed amount.

The agreement and terms of the deal are not revealed yet. Besides, the Flawless team will start working with the engineering team of the Abstract. With the developer tool and unique technology of Flawless, the production and marketing teams of both the startups will begin to build a software development kit (SDK) and related extensions for Abstract. Both the teams will work within the Abstract headquarter for support along with sharing developer experience and their wider developer community.

Flawless was founded by 2 young, first-time entrepreneurs, Ahmed Sulaiman and Lisa Dziuba in 2015. It is developed, especially for mobile engineers as a macOS app that can be integrated as a plugin right inside your iOS simulator. It allows you to fix the visual bugs in mobile applications in no time without any need for professional skills or investing a lot of time. 

Web Design Platform Abstract Acquires Visual Quality Checker Flawles

This app also gives you the feature where you can compare the App’s design to its actual appearance. Flawless doesn’t ask for any third-party library or any additional setups, which makes the development workflow easy and convenient. 

 Flawless App had also created alternative resources like for compressing huge design files, it has a resource named Reduce.  A resource called Flawless Feedback, for commenting on real-life iOS apps and digging community-driven initiatives among developers.  Flawless App has design tools open-source library named “Awesome Design Tools,” which have more than 2,000 design products.

The former Principal Designer at Twitter, Josh Brewer, and Kevin Smith has founded Abstract in 2015 with the mission to empower the designing team to collaborate, design, and share the work together with the web designing management system. 


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