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When it comes to the project management process, it is much more important to be able to manage the process effectively, which ensures that all the tasks are completed on time, that time is managed properly, that risk are assessed and that the project budget is on point in the Agile methodology. And this is where 9Teams came into the picture for handling the project in organizations.

9Teams An Introduction

9Teams is a comprehensive and powerful ERP and agile project management tool all rolled into a single tool. It helps the project teams to become more agile, transform them into a very cohesive and productive group that works within a single, unified environment built on the latest ERP methodologies and latest technologies, not on email threads, dated spreadsheets and boring, lengthy meetings.

With the help of a 9TEAMS, project managers and all the members are quickly on the same page. All the projects, tasks, and some other critical data are transparent, providing all users with a platform to work that is highly interactive, engaging and empowering. Teams are able to collaborate and communicate effectively on memos, issues, change requests, risks, and scenarios. Teams also have access to the same version of information, which even makes it easy for users to gather data from the same source and make informed decisions.

Extremely Accelerated ‘Time to Value’

9TEAMS is a highly intuitive agile project management platform that is easy to use almost right out of the box. There is no need for any of the intensive or vast user training or any of the lengthy product introduction. A few moments are all you and your team need to get fully acquainted with the tool.

Business Management Made Totally Effective

9TEAMS is fully loaded with all the capabilities and tool that helps you with manage all the facts of your ERP implementation project. It is a tool which is having a rich integration with the popular email clients and some other messaging tools for online meetings, internal communications fruitful.

Your Design, Your Structure

You have total control over how your workflows go. You and all your project members can work alongside with other and bases of your actions and decisions on the same source of information. Whether you are toiling on a small intuitive or looking to overhaul a large scale program, 9TEAMS supplies you with the platform to make it all a walk in the park.

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To Sum Up

Overall, 9Teams provides the great features, with it now plan & organize your tasks and workflows, communicate & collaborate with your teams and clients, track progress & measure the output across all projects.

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