iStockNow – Check the Stock Status of Your Favorite Apple Device Across Stores in USA

istock-nowInventory management is one of the cornerstones of the success of Apple’s retail strategy. They place high importance on their retail stores, unlike others. The first batch of AirPods was sold within minutes of launch across the United States. The challenge is to know how many stores hold the stock of Airpods at a given time, since you cannot call Apple stores anymore.

A website called has been launched which provides real time details and updates on the inventory details of each and every Apple Store around the world. Although, the Apple website provides similar information, you cannot check multiple stores at the same time or a get a map view. There are multiple filters such as storage, size, color etc. which helps you find that specific product at a store nearby.

The information on is updated in sync with the Apple’s website inventory information after midnight (Pacific Time). However, the website might not show availability of certain products, you can track the iStockNow website to see if any local store had the product in stock.

Also, they are trying to send to free notification, which lets you select a local store and subscribe for email service consisting of an alert, when the product becomes available in store.