5 Little Monkeys Mattress The Secret Of A Sound Sleep For Your Kid

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For the healthy growth and development of kids, a night of good undisturbed sleep is most important, especially for kids under the age group of 5 to 12. For setting a sound sleep system, the mattress is an essential element. However, most of the mattress is not designed to suit and fulfill all the unique requirements of growing little bodies. What if an exceptional mattress as per the kid's health requirements to be made for their sound sleep and growth? With the same thoughts, 5 Little Monkeys children's mattress was designed.

In 2010, Jason Harrow and wife Courtney founded 5 Little Monkeys with the aim of providing mattresses with a science-backed design for kids’ mental and physical growth by using 100% organic material for enclosing the safety to their sensitive skin. The firm emerged from their personal experienc, as their daughters were ready to shift from cribs to bed, the duo started searching for kids mattress, and they witnessed that there is no such mattress perfect for kids. Being from a background of bedding business for more than 70 years, the duo decided to design a unique style bed for kids.  

Jason's father, Irving Harrow, had started a small bedding business named Hollywood Bed in 1945. Irving was so passionate about his work, he used to handmade the beds until its perfect. In the 1970s, Irving introduced technologically advanced equipment to his firm to increased the demand for the finest bedding products in the industry. In 1997, Jason started working with father Irving for years, and in 2010, Jason took over the business and grown its product line for kids' bedding.

 5 Little Monkeys Mattress The Secret Of A Sound Sleep For Your Kid

A long history of quality bedding, in-depth experience, and a few years of parenting has made Jason grab the essential factors of bedding. He says that sleep is a vital part of the mental and physical growth of the kid, and no one has given a thought to design mattresses, specifically keeping kids in mind. In an effort to create something better for his kids, Jason spent months in testing material, designing the perfect science-backed bed, and creating the layout until it gets perfect as an ideal sleep system for his daughters. He researched all the factors best for kids to help his daughters fall asleep faster and get all night sound sleep to wake up fresh the next morning. 

While designing mattresses, Jason mainly focused on growing kids by addressed a few concerns like body weight and proportions, body temperature regulation, allergies, changing body structure, and avoiding a nighttime accident, as the regular mattress is not manufactured with all these concerns. With the invention of 5 Little Monkeys mattress, he created an entire sleep system including mattress, pillows, platform beds, mattress covers, and protectors. After the success of his creation, he was beyond excited to share the treasure of good night's sleep for a beautiful dream for every kid.  

Jason claims that 5 Little Monkeys mattress is the best choice for every growing kid, and he assures that his mattress will be the last one that a parent will ever have to buy. Presently, 5 Little Monkeys mattress is a trusted and expanded firm that has several significant retailers and hotel brands worldwide. The brand focus on prioritizing quality over quantity. Even though all its products are affordable, it also offers a welcome discount when applied 5 Little Monkeys Bed Coupon code at the checkout page.


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