What Things 2019 Online Holiday Shoppers are Seeking For?

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It’s not surprising that people have started Holiday shopping by the end of October itself. Yet, the share of early Holiday shoppers in 2019 is quite amazing as it surpasses the previous year's sums, thanks to e-commerce. Several surveys clearly show that many shoppers are not ready to wait until Thanksgiving Day to avail offers. At the same time, many retailers have rolled out Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Deals and discounts. 

There is no doubt one of the main trends in this sales season is ‘early holiday shopping,’ and we have already explained the reasons for this phenomenon. The shoppers’ behavior is not stable; it keeps on changing since fast shopping is leading in the world. 

Shoppers are not equal when it comes to income. Yet According to the Deloitte survey, there are three things most of the shoppers prioritize irrespective of the economic background: quality, value, and convenience. No dispute on the importance of these three features all the time, but year over year, how shoppers are expecting these three things differs. 

Many shoppers are ready to share their personal information to get certain benefits. 61% of holiday spenders are looking for promotions, discounts, or other offers. At the same time, for issue related products or services, 34% are expecting a faster resolution. We have plentiful payment methods, and for the same reason, complicated payment methods and checkouts are not favorable. 31% of the shoppers are prioritizing on faster checkouts. 

Various offers made the shoppers compare the offers for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Even though there are a lot of Black Friday Deals, shoppers are ready to wait for a Cyber Monday deal for a particular product if it brings the best offer. So, it's a very challenging time for retailers, and those who offer the best deals and discounts, plus providing a very convenient and fast shopping experience can attract more shoppers.

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